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Success story | Fiskars Group

“It’s so intuitive, it makes you better at your job”

Success story

Introducing Fiskars Group

Fiskars Group is home to a collection of design-driven, lifestyle brands including Gerber, Iittala, Royal Copenhagen, Waterford, Wedgwood and, of course, Fiskars. The company’s origins are in Finland and date back to 1649. Today, the company has an impressive team of close to 7,000 professionals across almost 30 countries.

The challenge

The appointment of a new Chief Digital Officer in March 2021 sparked a number of changes in Fiskars Group’s IT landscape. This included a change in service desk provider and a wider review of the IT applications and tools they were using to support their operations. After detecting general disillusionment and user reluctance towards their existing ITSM, they decided to make the switch to 4me due to its lower operating cost and user-friendly interface.

“A lot of our people didn’t like our previous service management portal because it was difficult to use. We were paying for features in our licensing that we weren’t using. And then, on top of this, we were having to use a third-party contractor to help us administer the platform because we lacked the inhouse expertise.”

Fiskars group
Success Story

Building the solution

With the decision to switch to 4me made, Fiskars Group moved on to find the right implementation partner for the project. With just 16 weeks to take the system from concept to fully operational, working with a partner that knew exactly what they were doing was crucial to hit the deadline.

Three potential partners were shortlisted for the role. The other two parties were quickly discounted – one because they lacked hands-on experience with 4me and the other due to hidden costs in their pricing model.

Revo offered the niche experience of being an experienced 4me partner and a transparent approach to pricing. With Revo leading the implementation, the Fiskars 4me system went live on time, their old system was retired a month later, and in Mike’s words, they’ve “never looked back – it’s so intuitive, it makes you better at your job.”

Quicker response times

With Fiskars Group’s previous service management platform, all tickets had to be reviewed by the service desk before being routed to the appropriate support team. This caused delays in responses. The 4me workflows set up by Revo significantly reduced the number of requests going via the first-level support teams. The improvements in the speed and efficiency of the end user experience have led to significant improvements in engagement with the IT service desk.

Local language support

As a global organisation, it was important for Fiskars Group’s service desk to be equipped to support a multilingual user community. In the past, employees in their stores and factories in Finland had been reluctant to contact the service desk as they weren’t comfortable doing so in English. Activating the auto translation feature of 4me has significantly improved engagement with users whose first language isn’t English.

Managed service

The managed service gives Fiskars Group direct access to dedicated experts who work closely with their team to align 4me with their evolving business needs. This allows them to update and expand their service management when they need to, without the additional cost and effort of hiring in external advisors or training employees. 

The remit of the managed service covers everything from weekly troubleshooting meetings to monthly steering sessions to update progress with their development roadmap. So, whether the team need help implementing a new automation, advice on how to approach expanding 4me into more departments (e.g. Facilities) or the process of adding new functionality (e.g. new integrations with Jira and LeanIX), it’s covered in the fixed cost of the managed service.

4me integrations

Integrations have played an important role in streamlining the function of Fiskars Group IT service desk. Integrations to date include:

System Centre Configuration Manager Logo
Intune logo
Microsoft Identity Manager
Azure logo

Highlights from this success story

User-friendly portal and intuitive search

Remote user access through mobile app

Improved user experience and system acceptance

System enhancements initiated and supported via Revo team

Bespoke training to support launch and integration

Automated language translation

Value for money and consistency offered by managed service

Speedier ticket resolution enabled by streamlined service desk workflow

Lower operating costs and transparent pricing

Monthly steering session to review and update development roadmap

Rapid implementation against a challenging timescale

Hassle-free switch and third party integrations

What next

Over to you

Are you ready to find out how working with Revo 4me could transform your service management.

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