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Success story | CTRL-S

“Everything Revo say they will do, they do”

Success story

Introducing CTRL-S

CTRL-S is a managed services provider offering technology services to a range of businesses across the UK. The business evolved initially as an off shoot of established accountancy firm, Hallidays, to offer IT services to their clients in addition to their more conventional professional services. The department grew organically to the point in 2022 where the decision was made to make their tech arm a separate, standalone business, with its own brand and identity. CTRL-S was born and is now in a period of fast growth. They’re now helping an ever-expanding portfolio of clients to get the best possible performance (and minimal hassle) from their technology infrastructure.

The challenge

Technical Director, Matthew Jones describes 2023 as “the year of growth” for CTRL-S. As they take on more clients and extend their services, they need a service management solution to support their rapid growth and ambition. Although their existing email-based approach to managing service desk requests had served them well when their client base was small, it wasn’t able to adapt and scale in the way they needed it to.

“As you grow, emails into an inbox becomes unsustainable. It was difficult to track and monitor and we couldn’t categorise and prioritise tickets consistently. Although you could star something as urgent, what was considered urgent was very open to the interpretation of individual team members.”

Success Story

Finding the solution

When CTRL-S MD, Lyndsey Hayes, and service desk manager, Jamie Collins first saw a service management system while at the DTS digital transformation exhibition, they came back bouncing with enthusiasm. They saw how the solution could offer ­CTRL-S exactly the leap forward they needed, and Matt agreed. This triggered an extensive procurement process to find the solution that was the best fit for CTRL-S and the needs of its customer base. The technical specification of the product was critical, but finding an implementation partner with a complementary approach and ethos to CTRL-S was equally important.

Implementing the system

The fact that the service offered by Revo4me is built around collaboration played an important part in Matt and Jamie selecting Revo4me as their service management partner. The pressure was on when they implemented 4me for the first time with a new (and potentially major) client, but this collaborative approach allowed CTRL-S to launch with the confidence that they had the Revo team on hand to help if needed.

Building consistency

4me has given CTRL-S a more streamlined and consistent process for logging and managing user queries. A standardised priority system for categorising tickets means issues are handled according to their potential impact on the customer. This allows the service desk team to prioritise workload in in a more consistent and unbiased way.

Enabling proactivity

A key element of the CTRL-S service offer is proactivity – for them, it’s not just about resolving issues promptly for their clients, it’s about preventing them in the first place. In Matt’s words, “we want to help people before they know they need it.” And working with the Revo team, they’re now extracting metadata from 4me and using the reporting features to take their proactivity to the next level.

Managed service

CTRL-S saw the potential of the 4me system from day one, but they also acknowledged there was a lot of complexity driving it. They realised the best way to get the most out of the system in the quickest time was with the professional support of Revo consultants. Working together, Revo and CTRL-S developed a managed service agreement that met their needs and requirements. One of the outcomes of this relationship so far (it’s still early days) is that CTRL-S is now able to onboard new clients to 4me more independently and more efficiently.

Highlights from this success story

Built to help CTRL-S pursue an ambitious and fast growth strategy

Open access to Revo consultants during implementation and beyond

An approach based on long-term partnership and working as an extension of the team

System enhancements initiated and supported via Revo team

Provides a more efficient and more systematic process for managing support tickets

Use of reporting and metadata to deliver a more proactive service to end users

Training and support to enable more rapid onboarding of new CTRL-S clients onto 4me

Speedier ticket resolution enabled by streamlined service desk workflow

Tickets are prioritised and dealt with in a consistent and standardised way

A customised managed service, designed to develop 4me to its full potential

Easier and better knowledge sharing across the service desk team

Hassle-free switch and third party integrations

What next

Over to you

Are you ready to find out how working with Revo 4me could transform your service management.

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