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Our Managed Service

Moving the effort of maintaining and evolving the 4me solution away from your busy schedules.

"Just ask Revo"

Revo introduced the Managed Service Offering to allow you to focus on your business and customers.

System admin and iterative improvement is quite often left to a team that already has many other priorities. This can lead to the tool being put in as part of the project and then being left. 

4me is a true SaaS Solution, it has over 300 enhancements added each year combined into around 45 releases. These new features can often benefit the business without them knowing. Revo work with 4me on these updates to make sure we can include them in your business processes and ways of working. One simple yearly fee includes everything below.

Revo want to work in a partnership with you. With staff often changing roles, new projects being initiated and business goals evolving we find that customers benfit from the backing of a team of 4me and Service Management experts. With the Revo Managed Service you can just keep coming back to us for help.

If you know of something you’d like to include in 4me, if you get stuck or have a question, then Just ask Revo.

What does the Managed Service include?

Regular Catch Points

Revo will work with you and your 4me champions to make sure that all areas of 4me are being utilised to bring the best experience to your users. This is done via Fortnightly updates to make sure you're aware of the latest developments, quarterly business updates so we can see what your goals are and where you're trying to head as well as service reviews of any tickets that have come over.

4me System Automation

Removing manual work from the specialists using 4me, this could be fields auto populating, automatic notifications to approvers or even the movement of IT Assets around departments / trading units. 4me's internal automation engine allows us to take the mundane and repetitive tasks away from your teams and into the tool itself. This also allows for greater auditing and standardised messaging to your customers.

System Admin

All elements of 4me can be managed by Revo. Activation of new users through to complicated request templates can be built in quick time. We don't look after any other tools so all our system knowledge is about 4me and the tools it can integrate into. This means we can perform the system admin at a quicker pace than most as we're constantly working in 4me ourselves.

System Expansion

Enterprise Service Management is a goal of many companies, having the helping hand of Revo to expand 4me across different departments can lead to a simplified support process across the business. IT, HR, Payroll, Facilities are usual candidates however how about supply chain help, GDPR, InfoSec, Operations Support, Maintenance? Wouldn't it be great to have a single pain of glass for your end users?

Service Management Expertise

The Revo team have many years of service management experience. Ranging from service desks to Global IT Operations, from customer satisfaction to internal development areas. We have plenty of certification and training to help you make the best decisions for your business and provide the level of service management your end users are after.

System Training

4me is constantly evolving, over 45 releases a year happen with small and large iterations being delivered to you the customer. Whilst this is brilliant as it's all included in the licence it can be a lot to keep on top of. Revo will work with any product owners, champions, system admins to make sure you have the right knowledge to get the best out of the tool. If the system can help you achieve your goal then lets use it.

ITIL Maturity

Specifically looking at ITSM and ITIL we can help take you on the maturity journey. Starting at "Chaotic" we will help guide you through the levels up to "Value". This journey will help you define your processes, move from a reactive IT team where the end user knows what is happening before you to a level where you're influencing business process design and Continual Service Improvement is at the forefront of delivering services.

Process Mapping

Revo will help you map out new or existing processes that can then be put into 4me. These processes can relate to service management, project management, simple security alerting processes to complex workflows that involve 3rd parties and business areas. The "Keep it Simple, Stupid" method can often be overlooked when teams have so many things they're trying to keep on top of so let us assist in simplifying the complexities of your business.

4me Support

Part of the managed service is to support you with the application. Even though Revo will maintain system control we are happy for you to work on your own templates, forms and workflows. If you need help in fixing something that doesn't look quite right then we're here for you. Just raise a request in 4me and we'll start working with you to see if we can resolve it. Part of the licence also means that the 4me support team are also at hand to help when anything comes up.

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