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Getting the best out of your Service Management Needs

Revo 4me Managed Service


Future-proof your system​

With the Revo 4me managed service, we help you to continuously evolve your system and implement improvements. This means you get the most out of your service management platform without having to hire or train employees on how to maintain your system.

Three-year managed service agreements
A transparent fixed fee approach
Proactive support to optimise your system
Expand business with ITSM 4me managed service
Get the most out of 4me

Expand 4me throughout your business

Is Enterprise Service Management your goal? With the helping hand of Revo, you can expand 4me across multiple departments. IT, HR, payroll and facilities are the most popular candidates, but there’s no reason to stop there. GDPR, supply chain, InfoSec, operations support, maintenance – expanding 4me into more areas creates a simpler, more consistent support experience for end users across your business.
ITIL Maturity

Mature your service management practices

Are your IT team constantly fighting fires? Does it feel like your ITSM and ITIL ambitions are stalling because you’re stuck in reactive mode? We can help you take your IT team on a journey from ‘chaotic’ to ‘value’. By analysing and redefining your workflows, we’ll guide your team on how they can achieve more control and influence over IT processes. This will allow them to service your business in a more proactive and value-adding way.

ITIL Maturity, ITSM 4me managed service
tailored service​ with ITSM 4me managed service
Optimise your service desk

A tailored service​

Your Revo consultants will take time to get to know your business. They will proactively suggest areas of improvement and identify integrations to optimise your service desk workflows. We also make sure every agent in your team is fully trained and confident with using 4me.

Proactive monitoring

Maximise your investment​

Unused functionality, missed updates and failure to resolve issues – these things build up over time and that’s when your ROI plummets. Proactive monitoring and management are the best ways to maximise the ongoing value of your service management and reduce the risk of technical debt.

ITSM 4me managed service benefits infographic
Stress free updated with ITSM 4me managed service
Automatic Updates

Stress-free updates

4me is constantly evolving, with fixes and new features released weekly. These updates happen automatically, eliminating maintenance effort from your team. With our managed service, we alert you to the changes that are most relevant to you and recommend how you can activate and use them most effectively.

What’s included?

System health checks

On-hand support, monitoring and troubleshooting to maintain an uninterrupted service.

Regular team meetings

We’re here to support your team and help them drive forward and deliver your 4me roadmap.

4me System Automation

If there’s an opportunity to reduce manual work with an automation, we’ll help you find it.

Workflow optimisation

Identifying improvement areas so your 4me evolves as your business changes.


We’ll provide training and support your super users to roll out 4me and increase adoption.

System Admin

Outsourcing system admin to us gets routine tasks ticked off the to do list faster.

System updates

We make sure you understand the impact and relevance of new 4me features and updates.

Peace of mind

Whatever the issue, we have the expertise to resolve it, keeping your service management on track.

Process Mapping

We’ll help map out new and existing processes so your 4me continually evolves.

setup to suit your business

What about integrations?

As part of our managed service, we make sure you have the right 4me setup to suit your business. Sometimes that might mean we propose more significant development projects or unearth opportunities to connect to other software you’re using.

Man pointing to Revo service management software