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4me, Business Service Management and collaboration in 2019 and beyond

VLOG – watch Martijn Adams and Simon Martin discuss 4me, Business Service Management and how the service industry is being transformed.

While attending SITS19, Martijn and Simon took time out to discuss the Service Management industry and how 4me and Revo are helping customers to transform their businesses and the services that they offer to their customers.

Martijn Adams on the market today:

“These days, you see that the services that companies provide to their employees are no longer just delivered by the company itself, they have many different service providers. Research shows that the average company has 13.5 service providers helping them to deliver services. The problem that we see is that you need to be able to collaborate, to monitor their performance and to track their SLAs. “

Simon Martin on how technology can help:

“On our journey we have been looking at different products and we selected 4me due to an alignment with both the market need and our own vision – to make delivering service better for our customers.

“You need to be sure that your vendors are giving you the support that you are paying for at the same time that your customers are getting the support they are paying for. 4me allows you to take that chain from end to end, measuring it and producing real-time reporting to help you to manage and know the support that you are being given and that you are giving.”