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OneLogin, a user perspective

A brief look at OneLogin and what user identity management means for users

Managing your day-to-day apps

When rolling out any new technology across a business, it is vital to think about how the user of your chosen technology will interact with it and what it will mean for their daily working lives. We thought it would be helpful to write a series of articles on how the user interacts with some of the technology that we sell and support.

OneLogin is, in essence, a powerful tool for single sign-in user authentication, app management and account security. So, other than the clear benefits that this offers to the IT team, what can users expect when they are working for an organisation that deploys OneLogin?

The key thing that users will notice is that they will log in just once – to the OneLogin portal instance of the company that they work for. Once logged in, they will then be able to see a dashboard of icons for all the apps that they are allowed to access for their day-to-day work. The beauty here is that they then only need to click on the app icon to gain immediate access – no more entering different usernames and passwords. Needless to say, this is a great boost for the user as they can get on with their day rather than having to worry about passwords and login info for every app. What is more, you can receive access to a new app from the moment that IT adds it to your OneLogin dashboard.

Simpler and more secure

OneLogin is particularly useful when you require access to many different applications from different suppliers or if your supplier requires you to log in to different tools individually. Security is also improved, given that there is only one account to maintain or reset if needs be. From a user perspective, you still only have to worry about one username and password, which is a great thing for the user and a great thing for IT as well!