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Managing the cost of service management

How to look beyond the toolset and those who use it to get a full picture

Looking beyond IT

The cost of service management has long been firmly allocated to the IT budget. As the demand for service has increased and morphed with the process of digital transformation, this cost has steadily increased. In most cases it is still part of the IT budget, perhaps with licence costs allocated to departmental budgets or business centres across a geographically dispersed organisation. The key to greater transformation is to understand not only how the organisation can improve the way that it works and the way it manages processes, but also how much all of this costs.

Costs for ITSM and ESM teams go beyond the license and staffing level, and must also include how much is spent on servicing technologies, assets, people and processes across the business. This includes service being received from third parties such as suppliers or business partners.

3 cost centres

There are three main service cost centres that we need to consider if we are to get the full cost picture. These are:

  • Time
  • Assets
  • Outsourced services

The information needed to get the full picture of costs within each of these areas is usually available, but not always easily accessible as it is often not consolidated or available in a quick and easy-to-digest way.

Revo can help you to track all service costs in 4me and give you the complete view of service costs within your organisation.

To learn more about these service costs centres and how to get all the information you need to understand your service management costs, download our eBook How to get a complete view of service management costs: