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Connected ITSM – Personalised Service

Can your ITSM tool properly serve individuals and learn from each interaction?

Let’s take a minute to look at OneLogin and how it can unlock greater ITSM performance.

Personalised service is becoming the norm, whether you are an employee of a mid-to-large organisation or a customer seeking help with a product or service. At its best, most people won’t notice that their enquiry is being handled in a step-by-step process. They will simply feel well taken care of and, hopefully, receive the information or resolution they require.

The limitations of knowledge in ITSM

ITSM tools are only as good as the processes configured to take care of such customer enquiries. Typically, tools are limited to the knowledge of the person or people setting up the processes within the system. Service can quickly come apart when customer demand shifts or a new issue arises.

ITSM tools have long utilised knowledge bases to automate and adapt service. The team operating them typically uses knowledge data to help with new and existing customer issues. But the right knowledge can be hard to access and difficult to automate, preventing fast and efficient service from call handlers.

Delivering personalised, targeted knowledge with OneLogin

This is where an identity management solution – combining your service management tool with OneLogin, revolutionises the collection and delivery of accurate knowledge and improved service. But this is not just the management of user logins, it is the ability to match and assign Active Directory users to services and to then enable the creation of a more agile service structure where knowledge can be properly stored and accessed. Services are more personalised, knowledge is more targeted and the system is able to grow and adapt. This means the need to rethink tool processes and engage in time-consuming and expensive maintenance is removed. In addition, this has the benefit of increasing user adoption. Agents find the system easier to use and customers receive a better, more automated experience.

How can Revo help deliver this?

Revo helps organisations to deliver a more joined-up, collaborative and personalised service management capability. 4me – takes care of the service management; OneLogin – deals with user identity management; and Revo connects and integrates other applications for improved service performance. We call this joined-up approach Business Service Management, and we would love to demonstrate its capabilities. Please let us know if you would like to learn more.