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4me Auto Translation

4me launches Auto Translation to remove language barriers that impede collaboration

4me has just announced that its Auto Translation feature has been released. This feature is intended to remove language barriers that may hinder collaboration. Not having to hire support specialists who speak multiple languages can significantly drive down the support costs for service providers. It also eliminates a problem for organizations that operate in countries such as Canada and Belgium where they are legally required to give their employees the ability to work in the official languages of those countries.

4me’s Auto Translation feature can significantly improve efficiency by allowing enterprise employees and the experts who support them to work in their preferred language. This feature works in 4me for all requests, problems, releases, changes, change tasks, projects and project tasks. When someone opens one of these records, the Auto Translation feature starts by detecting the language in which each note is written. Any notes that are written in a language other than the user’s language are then translated for the user.

Cor Winkler Prins, CEO at 4me explains:

“Users already had their language registered in 4me. This ensured that 4me’s user interface is presented in the user’s preferred language. Now 4me automatically translates any note that is written in a language other than the user’s preferred language. We have also made sure that multilingual users can turn off Auto Translation for any additional languages they are comfortable with. When releasing an exciting feature such as this, we endeavor to make it as easy as possible to use. That is why Auto Translation also works in the 4me App and 4me Self Service. That allows end users and support specialists to all work in their preferred language.”

4me’s Auto Translation feature already supports 20 of the world’s most spoken languages. It is free of charge and already available for all 4me customers.