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3 reasons to combine ITSM with UIM

Why is User Identity Management important for ITSM

User Identity Management is not necessarily the most pressing priority for businesses when it comes to their IT Service Management. But there are three very good reasons for moving it up the list.

User Identity Management is:

  1. Good for the user
  2. Good for the IT team or department
  3. Good for the company

The User

Most employees need access to numerous apps just to do their everyday work. Once they have logged on to their computer/laptop/tablet or even smart phone, they will often need to spend time logging into these individual apps when they are needed. This will require different passwords and perhaps usernames for each.

Maybe your employee’s role changes, they get a promotion or start working in a new team with new requirements. They will need to ask and wait for new apps to be downloaded into their system and new access rights to be approved. All this takes time out of the employee’s day.

Installing a good user identity management tool, such as OneLogin, is a small step that can make a big difference. Each employee will have a single login point for all their apps. This means they have access to all the apps they need as soon as they log on to their desktop. If their role changes, the new apps can be added instantly at a touch of a button, including access rights, and will appear when the employee logs on next.

The IT Team

Security is a big hurdle for IT. Helping employees to stay connected to what they need, without have to spend time installing and changing access and passwords for multiple apps on a range of devices is time-consuming. Passwords being shared to enable faster access to apps is a real security concern. And if employees bring in their own laptops, how can the IT team ensure that the apps they are given access to are secure outside of the office? If an employee leaves the company suddenly, IT needs to remove access immediately.

Again, this is where User Identity Management can help. It can streamline the installation for new starters and add and remove apps from individual users at the touch of a button, whichever device the user works on. IT will not have to waste time providing new logins for new apps or recreating new passwords to replace those forgotten or shared.

The Company

For all these reasons, User Identity Management is good for the business as a whole. It makes the company more secure, more efficient and more effective.

Please let us know if you would like to learn more.