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4me Auto Translation

4me launches Auto Translation to remove language barriers that impede collaboration 4me has just announced that its Auto Translation feature has been released. This feature is intended to remove [...]


4me, Business Service Management and collaboration in 2019 and beyond VLOG – watch Martijn Adams and Simon Martin discuss 4me, Business Service Management and how the service industry is being [...]

Cloud data security

How safe is your data in the cloud? If you are wrestling with the idea of moving your customer and application data to the cloud, there are several fundamental things to consider. Who owns the [...]

ITSM & IT security

The role of ITSM in the big IT security debate Recent events such as WannaCry and other hacking threats have caused budget holders to refocus on network and end-point IT security – but they may [...]

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  • 🍔💻 @4me  is a unique #ITSM, #ESM and #SIAM solution with multiple tiers of capability at different price points. If y… 8 months ago