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Lansweeper advanced asset discovery and management - fully integrated with 4me

4me is an amazing service management application with extensive features and functionality, but some organisations require a greater level of asset discovery and management capability. Revo has partnered with Lansweeper to offer industry leading asset features that integrate seamlessly with your 4me implementation.

4me lansweeper integration

A greater level of asset insight in 4me

Lansweeper is an automated network discovery and asset management tool that scans all computers and devices, and displays them in an easily accessible web interface. There is no need to install any agents on computers. Lansweeper will scan all Windows devices, as well as gathering details of other IP-enabled network devices including servers, printers, routers and Wi-Fi hubs.

The 4me – Lansweeper integration enables the import of assets and Configuration Items (CIs) from Lansweeper to the 4me Configuration Management Database (CMDB). Decide what attributes and assets to include and automatically update CIs each time a Lansweeper audit takes place. 

Benefits of combining Lansweeper with 4me

Automation capabilities

The more 4me knows about the assets within a service, the greater the ability it has to automate elements such as categorisation and assignment.

Keeping it current

Once devices are discovered, Lansweeper also tracks changes when a device has been updated or removed, in order to keep the 4me CMDB current.

Enhanced 4me service catalog

IT services can range from personal computing and desktop support through to network printing to communications and access. Service Owners will also be able to segment these services further by utilising asset details to establish instances and offerings within the 4me Service Catalogue.

Better reporting

Identify trends in incident management, emerging known errors, create problem groups and prompt change management. For Service Owners and Managers, having a complete CMDB will provide extended 4me reporting across hardware providers and their SLA achievement and much more.