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“I couldn't meet the growing service needs of my business and deploy Service Management beyond IT...”

“...until I met Revo.”

Meeting the service needs of the digitally tranforming organisation

Enterprise Service Management (ESM) has evolved to meet the needs of organisations looking to go beyond ITSM and to deliver services to staff, customers and suppliers alike. Within the organisation this starts with the need to digitally transform and for different departments to offer their own suite of services via the same toolset that is used by the IT team. Supporting internal and external customers and suppliers is now a reality with a 4me implementation by Revo.

Revo customer success


Speed of implementation, ability to scale and a shared ethos for revolutionising service, led Vitality to select Revo and 4me.

“We have been able to bring multiple accounts together with 4me. Our IT and Facilities teams have been able to utilise a single workflow to help with pandemic asset provisioning at home.”

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