Cloudpipes offer cloud based application integration and workflow automation

Connect existing and new technologies with your Service Management application


Rapidly implement workflows with the Cloudpipes integration platform

Cloudpipes makes it possible to rapidly implement a relevant set of business workflows that would be either time-consuming or impossible to implement in other systems. Cloudpipes provides an easy to use, visual workflow designer-enabling you to create and execute complex integrations, without a single line of code.


Over 150 application channels to choose from

Cloudpipes brings business agility to Enterprise integration. It elegantly bridges the gap between custom applications deployed within your data centres and newly deployed SaaS applications. All at a transformational total cost of ownership.

Cloudpipes mobile

Powerful and code free

With no infrastructure required, our cloud-based platform minimises operational costs and enables elastic performance scaling, with predictable transaction thoughput and guaranteed latency service levels available as an option.


We are a Cloudpipes partner

We are a Cloupipes partner for the UK and mainland Europe. Our specialist team have the experience and know how to help you with all your integration needs. Why not talk to us about how Cloudpipes can enhance the potential of the 4me solution.

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