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Cloud-based service management from 4me

We’re proud to work with amazing software partners who enable us to take blue sky ideas and turn them into a real time service experience for our clients.

Cloud-based service management

We’re 4me through and through

When it comes to service management software, we’re unashamedly loyal to a single software partner – 4me. Our dedication means we know the platform inside and out. This means you not only get your 4me service management system up and running faster, we’ll also help you configure it to best meet your needs.

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Get the most out of 4me

Build your solution


Optimise service management workflows across your organisation.

Do you want to improve service efficiency and satisfaction? Are you looking for a portal to extend across your entire organization? Do you need a solution to unite a disjointed, multi-vendor set-up? 4me does all of this.

4me + asset discovery

Add Lansweeper to your 4me project to unlock more insights from your IT assets.

Track licence counts, run reports, fully prepare for IT audits – integrating Lansweeper into your 4me system gives you an overview of all your networked devices in an accessible web interface.

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Support your people better

Unlock the efficiencies of cloud-based service management

4me allows you to support your people better. When deployed effectively it increases agent productivity, accelerates issue resolution, enables better collaboration across business areas, and generally delivers a more seamless support journey.

Revo offer 4me ITSM and service management software

Why we love 4me

Works out of the box

Our 4me implementation projects are famously short and painless.


4me is ideal for clients looking to evolve and scale to a single, enterprise-wide service portal.

Hands-free maintenance

As a multi-tenant platform, new features and updates are rolled out centrally by 4me.

All the ITSM you need

Core ITSM features are built-in as standard. From self-service to virtual agents to incident management.

Fast & reliable

Cloud deployment means performance is consistent and fast. There’s zero downtime.

Security built-in

Running on AWS cloud protects against data loss and security breaches.

Expansion features

Add optional functionality (time tracking, portfolio management etc) for no extra cost.

Performance tracking

Use the dashboard to track your KPIs to measure service levels and costs in real time.

Painless updates

All updates are included within the license cost.

3 reasons to add Lansweeper to 4me

Cloud-based service management

Request a demo to see how 4me can help your support team succeed.

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