SSP Group – JML automation

“With the automation managing the JML process, we have more time and scope to bring on more strategic programmes” The world of work has shapeshifted in recent years. First came the pandemic, the mass exodus from the office and the rise of hybrid working. Then, just as that storm seemed to be settling, economic chaos […]

Connecting 4me with LeanIX for seamless sharing of application data

Fiskars group

Third party integrations are a highly effective way to elevate the impact of your ITSM or ESM solution. Enabling secure and seamless sharing of data from third party platforms with 4me, reduces the need for manual data entry, avoids the duplication of effort associated with keeping information up to date and enables real-time updates across […]

Why is total cost of ownership important?

Why is total cost of ownership important, discussing the benefits

Why is total cost of ownership important? When businesses are calculating ROI to evaluate a shortlist of service management options, often they automatically use the purchase price (e.g. the subscription or license fee) as the cost element. This figure can be misleading. In real life, technology always requires additional investment on top of the headline […]

How to increase the ROI of your service management system

Integrated workflow 4me information graphic

5 actions that will increase the ROI of your service management system Many organisations today have service management solutions and have implemented them to a decent level of maturity. But in many cases, there remains a lot of room for improvement – most systems aren’t optimized as much as they could be. Information Week’s 2022 […]

Fiskars Group

Fiskars group

“We said we needed the system up and running in 16 weeks… Revo didn’t flinch” In May 2022, Fiskars Group approached Revo with a challenging target – they needed a 4me system up and running in 16 weeks. Gerber, Iittala, Royal Copenhagen, Waterford, Wedgwood, Fiskars – you’ll come across Fiskars Group’s design-driven brands in your […]