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SSP Group – JML automation

“With the automation managing the JML process, we have more time and scope to bring on more strategic programmes”

The world of work has shapeshifted in recent years. First came the pandemic, the mass exodus from the office and the rise of hybrid working. Then, just as that storm seemed to be settling, economic chaos and political unrest came along to add further challenge and disruption.

With so many big questions to find answers to, what IT need to be doing less of is endless procedural and repetitive ITSM tasks. A survey from Information Week lists lack of automation as one of the biggest ITSM challenges, with around 41 percent of organisations admitting to struggling with the volume of manual processing. So, it comes as no surprise that IT leaders are looking to raise their automation game to ease some of the burden on their over-stretched teams. One IT workflow that is prime for automation is the joiner, mover, leaver (JML) process. Here we share how we added automation capability to 4me for SSP Group to streamline their onboarding process for new colleagues.

SSP Group is a leading operator of food and beverage outlets in 600 travel locations, across 36 countries. SSP relies on Microsoft 365 to enable communication and collaboration across its business. This involves supporting the move to M365 for all staff over the coming years. Setting up, managing, transferring, and, when necessary, closing individual IDs, usernames and passwords was a cumbersome manual task that was diverting their IT team from more strategic projects.

“We needed to create a JML process to manage the joiners, movers and leavers more efficiently,” Andreas Hajiantoni, Head of Digital & Technology Operations at SSP Group told us. “On the scale of how many colleagues we have at SSP, we couldn’t manage this manually.”

SSP tasked Revo with building the capability within 4me to automate its onboarding workflow. The scope of this requirement extended beyond managing Microsoft 365 IDs to also included ordering laptops, headsets and any other IT equipment. Working closely with the SSP team, we built automations into 4me to eliminate as much avoidable manual effort from their onboarding workflow as possible. This enables the SSP Group team to better support new joiners, by ensuring every colleague is provided with seamless access to the SSP IT systems and any hardware they need. And because it reduces the admin burden of setting up new joiners on the business’ systems, it also gives IT team members more time to spend on higher impact, strategic projects.

“With the automation managing the JML process, we have more time and scope to bring on more strategic programmes,” Andreas added. “For example, the exciting rollout of Oracle Simphony and SAP S/4 Hana. The automated JML process Revo set up will also provide automated access to these systems and many more systems to come.”

For more information about our work with SSP Group, read the full success story. And if you’re interested in finding out more about the benefits of automating your JML workflow, download our free eBook.