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How to increase the ROI of your service management system

5 actions that will increase the ROI of your service management system

Many organisations today have service management solutions and have implemented them to a decent level of maturity. But in many cases, there remains a lot of room for improvement – most systems aren’t optimized as much as they could be. Information Week’s 2022 State of ITSM and ESM survey found only 8% of organisations operate with a very high level of maturity where their ITSM technology is fully optimized. And nearly half of organisations were on the low-end of the maturity scale.

Here, we share five ways you can increase the value delivered by your service management solution.

1. Update your custom automations (and add new ones where necessary)

Automated rules take the admin burden off your team of triaging incoming tickets. But when custom automations aren’t regularly reviewed, they fall out of date and manual overrides become necessary to make sure tickets are directed to the right team or person.

2. Add more integrations to your other platforms

The Information Week survey found only 27% of organisations manage all ITSM work on one platform. This means many could be missing out on one of the biggest efficiency drivers offered by service management systems like 4me – integrations. By integrating 4me with your other applications – platforms your people use every day, like Jira, SolarWinds and Azure – it becomes easier to collaborate across teams. This increase ticket resolution speeds as it reduces search time and avoids the disruption of constant context-switching. In other words, it becomes quicker and easier for your agents to find answers.

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3. Expand into other areas of your business

Service management approaches are no longer limited to IT. With the rise of enterprise service management (ESM), we’re seeing more and more organisations choosing to expand 4me across multiple departments. Extending service management into more business areas creates a simpler, more consistent support experience for end users across other departments too. IT, HR, payroll and facilities are the most popular.

4. Consider switching provider

If the performance you’re getting from your existing service management system is starting to dwindle, it might be a good time to evaluate whether it still meets your needs. The Information Week report found 40% of organisations last refreshed their ITSM technology six years ago or longer. Nowadays, switching isn’t as disruptive as it was in the past. For example, we’ve developed an approach for clients switching to 4me from other providers that delivers a rapid time to value and minimises any interruption to service.

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5. Upgrade to a managed service

When service management systems are left to evolve organically, their effectiveness gradually starts to reduce, and niggling issues start to discourage users from raising tickets. We developed our managed service to support our clients to get the most sustainable value from their 4me systems.  It means we partner with you to continuously evolve your system and guide you on how to implement improvements – from automations to integrations to developing a proactive roadmap for the future expansion of your system.

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Revo is a niche service management implementation partner. It means we know this area inside out and we have lots of ideas on how to apply technology to increase support desk productivity and achieve the best results. Arrange a consultation with our team to find out how we could help you increase the ROI of your service management.