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A 4me Partner

Robust technology, honest service and fair values

Robust technology, honest service and fair values​, Revo 4me partner
A 4me Partner

Robust technology, honest service and fair values​

For us, being a 4me partner is never just about technology. Delivering a service management solution is more than handing over a licence. It’s about designing workflows that empower support teams to work even better together and perform at their best.

Revo 4me partner
We trust in 4me

We don’t sit on the fence

We’ve been in the industry for a long time, and we can categorically say we believe the technology and approach of 4me offers the best service management platform on the market. In fact, since becoming a 4me partner, we’ve been so bowled over by its brilliance, it’s now the only solution we offer.

Committed to one solution​ - Revo 4me partner
service management solution

Committed to one solution

Yes, you read it right – we offer ONE service management solution. This keeps things simple. With Revo, there’s no confusion. No split loyalties. When you work with us, you know we 100% believe in what we’re offering you.

Why did we choose 4me?​

The decision to make 4me our sole product wasn’t taken lightly – we’ve taken a lot of factors into consideration. But essentially, it’s about staying true to our values and working with people that have similar standards.

Trust and respect

We always work in a fair and transparent way.

Committed to learning

We invest in learning and evolving our service.


We believe in 4me – with us there’s no ambiguity.

Forward thinking

We build solutions that evolve and grow in value.

Grounded by integrity

We’re driven by always doing the right thing.

Open & approachable

We work hard, but we make it fun too.

We're here to help

A long standing 4me partner

We’ve worked with 4me from the beginning.  So, whether you’re looking to switch to a modern, integrated toolset or to expand your existing system into more areas of your business, our 4me experts are here to help you achieve your goals.

Man pointing to Revo service management software

The Revo team

We’re problem solvers, workflow designers and customer service experts – all working together to build the best possible service management solutions for our clients.

Revo4me - Simon Martin

Simon Martin

Asa Nilo

Åsa Nilo

Customer Relations
Revo4me - Nick Earp

Nick Earp

Business Development Manager
Revo4me - Paul Dobson

Paul Dobson

Service Management Architect
Andrew Oliver

Andrew Oliver

Service Management Consultant

Rebecca Rea

Senior Project Manager
Revo4me - Andrew Webber

Andrew Webber

Project Manager

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