Collaboration is key to business survival – Revo helps you provide better service to staff, customers and suppliers

We supply service management, fully integrated with all the apps your staff use plus security and user access control.


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Revo - Business Service Management Solution

Taking care of your service needs

Revo has partnered with leading vendors to provide you with the complete digital collaboration solution.


Go beyond service management

The modern service customer has evolved. IT Service Management and Enterprise Service Management are not enough to solve the complex service provision issues typically faced by the digitised organisation. That is why 4me has developed a totally new approach to ITSM and ESM service delivery that has 100% SIAM capability at its core. 4me enables all internal and external customers, partners and suppliers to collaborate for a better service experience.

Don’t restrict the ability to collaborate

Having a service management tool that enables internal, external and supplier collaboration is one thing, but the likelihood is that parts of your organisation will be using other tools to communicate, collaborate and share data on a daily basis. Connecting these to your service management application can however, be a costly and frustrating process – often ending in time-consuming or failed integration projects.

Revo has partnered with Cloudpipes to offer an unprecedented level of integration potential with a growing number of modern applications that your teams will love. Simple and quick to configure, Cloudpipes will manage the integrations you need it to and seamlessly process data for your service management tool.


Collaboration AND control

Having all these integrated apps working together to improve collaboration and the overall service experience is great but maintaining access and security can be a big issue. This inevitably leads IT to limit the apps that staff can use, making the department unpopular and stifling collaboration and productivity. This is where OneLogin comes in.

With OneLogin you can give individuals access to the apps they need day to day with a single sign on (SSO). Not only that, but you can securely grant access to additional apps and remove ones that are no longer required or authorised. And, should you ever need to, you can instantly remove access to all apps on any device.

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